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Issa law is a firm dedicated to helping clients in the areas of Immigration and Refugee Law, and Youth Criminal Justice.

Farah Issa is a lawyer with significant experience in the area of Immigration and Refugee Law. Prior to starting his own practice, Farah worked at a boutique immigration and refugee law firm in downtown Toronto, where he helped clients in completing various immigration applications such as Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications, refugee claims, express entry applications, and permanent resident applications. Having arrived in Canada as a refugee himself at a young age, Farah has first hand experience of what it's like to navigate through the complex immigration and refugee system, and he takes great pride in helping clients to the best of his abilities. As a result Farah has a high success rate in the approval of immigration and refugee applications and hearings. Farah has also worked at the Citizenship branch of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, where he interviewed applicants and assessed their eligibility for Canadian Citizenship. Farah has successfully represented hundreds of clients at the Immigration and Refugee Board (with nearly 100% success rate in refugee claims), the Immigration Appeal Division, and has worked on Judicial Review Applications to the Federal Court of Canada (80% of Federal Court cases settled prior to a hearing). Farah also collaborates closely with the top immigration and refugee lawyers in the country, learning as much as he can from them.

Farah graduated with a JD from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. His passion for social justice and helping individuals and youth overcome barriers has led him to pursue causes that he strongly believes in. In 2012, he co-founded a recognized high school that provides personalized education to members from marginalized communities. The school has assisted thousands of students achieve their educational goals and continues to operate to this day. Farah has also developed a practice in Youth Criminal justice, where he represents youth from marginalized communities navigate through the complex criminal justice system while advocating for their rights.